Privia U Shiny Lip Gloss, Glittering Shiny Lipstick, Glittering Eye Shadow and Face Powder Review + Birthday Giveaway

October 13, 2014

Hi, Do you know Privia U? If you read my previous post about BEAUTY IN U store, you have already known Privia U. Honestly it's the first time I heard about Privia U. When I saw the banner Privia U New York, I though that it comes from New York *lol*. However, After I saw the packaging, I thought it likes Korean product. Actually, it's from Korea not New York XD
Privia U has a super cute packaging. You see there is a cute girl in lip gloss and eye shadow packaging and my eyes can't glace from face powder packaging,hehe 
I will start with lip gloss. It call shiny lip gloss. I got tho shade no.1 and 6. Both, red and peach. The packaging like usual lip gloss but the picture is so cute^^
There're no direction in English, I can't read that *lol*. I just can read Made in Korea in the packaging.
They have tube packaging so I love put lip gloss with lip brush. 
Swatch on my lip
It didn't look so much different, right? ya, on my lips both look almost the same, glossy. But, Red (01) give my lips more color than peach (06). I can smell fruity bubblegum. Honestly, I don't like use lip gloss because my lips is big so it will give more volume on my lips. It has sticky texture and glittery. The color didn't stay longer if I eat it just gone. But If I don't I will stay about 2 or 3 hours. But this lip gloss will help me if I feel my lipstick makes my lips dry.
Glittering Shiny Lipstick
From the name I can imagine that it will give glossy effect and it's right XD
back of box packaging
I chose red :) I don't know why I pick red again, even I rarely use red for everyday. I just love collection red lipstick :p
It has square packaging and I love sparkling sticker in the lipstick cap.
The gorgeous red. I have some red lips with different colors of red and it's my favorite
It's glossy and glittery, but not too much
The smell like white bread XD not really pungent. The glossy effect is easily gone but the color will stay quite longer. I didn't feel sticky but it's little bit watery. It will stay about 2 hours and you can touch up again. I give you suggestion, don't touch you lips because the color will spread in your hand and every where XD. If you want little bit matte you can pat with tissue after you put lipstick.
Glittery eye shadow
The packaging is travel friendly but it's quite fragille
I got vivid pink and green. It's shimmery eye shadow
There is a mirror in packaging
Swatch on my hand
I love this eye shadow because it's pigmented without primer, shimmery but not too much, still nice for natural look. It didn't powdery at all and easy to blend.
Skin Recovery Face Powder
It has super cute and unique packaging^^ I felt in love at the first sight with it *lol*

I chose natural shade than fair and thanks God, it's match on my skin
The powder has unique sponge. It's easily to use but if you want tidier, you can use brush. Skin recovery face powder is translucent powder which gives glowing effect. I love how this powder works, it gives smooth result on makeup, not cakey at all, blend nicely on my skin. It also makes my skin looks glowing. However, staying powder it's not really good. If I use for outdoor activity, my T zone is getting oily in one hour. If I'm layering or touch up with this powder it didn't make my makeup looks cakey. It's good for finishing makeup.
FOTD using Privia U products, right side I used glittering shiny lipstick in red and left side I mix (no.1 and 06) shiny lip gloss. Which one do you prefer?
I used vivid pink on my eyelid and green on my under eyes
I will celebrate my birthday two weeks later :) I plan to make birthday giveaway but I was so busy with my work. Glad, I still able to make quick birthday giveaway :) I want give all of you chance to try Privia U products. Giveaway opens only for Indonesian :)
How to join
1. Follow me on gfc, g+, twitter (@uswatun_) and instagram (@anah_ofisuredii) and like my facebook fanpages
2. If you have done, spread this giveaway on your social media and tag your friends
3. Leave me comment with your email, twitter and instagram account.
Good luck everyone^^



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