Make Up Workshop with Beauty in U

October 10, 2014

Hola, sorry for being MIA and this is my first post in October. I don't know how I feel about October, I'm bit excited because it's halloween time XD That means time to make special effect make up, I just think for making one. Sometimes, I just want to skip this month because I will celebrate my birthday in this month >,< Why I'm not happy? because I hate getting older *lol* 
Okay, enough for my story XD I wanna share my experience couple weeks ago with Beauty in U. Do you familiar with Beauty in U? it's one of makeup store in Indonesia. The place in Mall of Indonesia. They were inviting me to join Beauty in U makeup workshop.
Makeup artist who demonstrated makeup that day :)
Products which used for makeup, do you mention what is the brand? She used Privia U for makeup. It's another beauty product from Korea^^
She was a model of makeup workshop. Do you like her finishing makeup?^^
I couldn't resist to take a picture of Beauty in U's makeup artist. I like her so much, her skin, her style and her hair are so cute^^ She looks very pretty :)
Beauty blogger and Beauty in U crew ^^
The event was fun, there is a game which is put a lipstick without a mirror and I'm the 2nd winner *yay* I'm participate this game because I'm one of beauty blogger who comes late *lol*
Turn to the Beauty in U Store, if you come around to MOI you can visit them in Ground Floor D#19. They have some brand products such as wet n wild, Privia U and The Skin House :)
Wet n Wild
You must be familiar with this brand, drugstore product which has good quality. Now, I also can find this in Beauty in U xD
Privia U
The Skin House
Beauty in U display their products by category like skin care part, makeup part, whitening product part and many more. It will help you to choose the products more easily.
Skin care from Privia U, it has a cute packaging^^. I'm trying sleeping mask on my hand and I got cold sensation that I like. After I'm home, I'm realize that my skin looks nicely brighter than my other hand. But sorry I didn't take a picture of this. Now, I want to purchase Privia U sleeping mask but MOI is so far from my home :(
Skin care from the skin house
Another line of skin care from The Skin House
Makeup products from privia U
I just love Privia U's perfume packaging. It's so cute^^
Lavender Lightening Cream  from the Skin House.
It has purple and yellow packaging. Both my favorite colors^^
I will review Privia U products very soon^^ Don't forget to visit Beauty in U store in Mall of Indonesia :)
Have a great weekend everyone^^



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  1. OMG..!! she look so tan..!! the make up artist.. ^^
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