Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

September 09, 2014

Hi, I always like a mask which can clearer pores. Two years ago aztec mask was being popular and I do love it. However, year by year I was too lazy to purchase by online and now Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is being hits in beauty forum :p. Of course, I was excited to try this because a lot of people talk about it and they said that is great #lol. I'm always interest with a mask which have function to  clearer pores XD
My skin is oily combination. I have many skin imperfections likes pimples, whiteheads, super oily skin in T zone, dullness, spots and uneven skin tone T,T So, I like to take care my skin especially using a mask if my skin is going worst. I'm using a mask minimal 3 times a week. I've tried many kind of face masks.

Of course when I read the description of mask  "Helps dry up acne pimples, rinse a way blackheads & shrink enlarge pores", I said "Omg, I should try this mask directly, it looks great". When I got the mask, I didn't expected that the size is quite big (226.8 gr or 8 oz). The price is cheap $ 3.99 in walgreens but I bought it IDR 167000 . Maybe the size is big so it needs more charges for shipping and handling. However I think that it's really worth :)
I've been using this mask for some months, if you see my skin of course my skin isn't perfect yet. However it gives a good result for my skin. My pimples is dry up if I used whole night but if I just used 15 minutes, I thought it didn't give significant result. Don't try to use the mask in a whole night because it will make your skin drier and little bit flaky. I used it every night just in my acne pimples and 2 or 3 times a week I put this mask like the direction, only 15 minutes XD. 
This is great for oily skin because it can sucking up excess oil. I didn't see significant result for my large pores. My skin feels clearer, smooth, and tight but don't worry little bit moisturizer can rid of the tight feeling. My face is a nest of whiteheads :p but it did't really help, I still need a facial. 
If you look for mask to make your skin brighter, just leave it! But if you like to maintenance your skin  (especially if you've oily skin) and makes your skin clearer,  Queen Helene Mint Julep is good :) 
It has thicker texture with a mint smell. A smell like a toothpaste. If  I was using a mask, sometimes my friends was shock because my face turn into green #lol
The mask will dry up with crack version and give tight feeling in your skin. Leave the mask around 10-15 minutes and rinses off with warm water, but I always rinse off with cold water, it's fine too :)
After I used mask, my skin feel tighter, smoother, clearer and of course my excess oil was reduced :) But I still should do special treatment for whiteheads.
- great for sucking up excess oil
- makes my skin smoother and clearer
- it has a big size
- the price is worth
- it has a mint smell
- In Indonesia, it's difficult to get
- gives tighter feeling, I don't really like it but moisturizer can eliminate tighter effect
- It didn't really work for my whiteheads and enlarge pores
Do you want try it or already used it? please give me some comments :)
Good Luck for you^^

PS: I've already made ask.fm :) it would be nice if you give me some questions XD



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