Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System Review

September 19, 2014

Hi, who loves has healthy and glowing skin? Everybody does :) so do I. However, year by year I addicted to makeup and I forgot for giving a lot of concern to my skin :( I was busy playing with my makeup stuff. Of course, I still use skincare  but I didn't try so hard to take care my skin well. But, now I realize that I need my healthy skin back. So I promise to myself that I will spend more money to buy skincare than makeup *but I still bought some makeup stuffs :p* 
I know that I can go to treatment in beauty clinic, but I was too lazy go to clinic because Jakarta has crazy traffic jam and I didn't want my money was gone because I took treatment regularly *lol*. Moreover, the places is quite far from my home. So, I decided to buy a tool which has benefit like beauty treatment in clinic. 
Neutrogena Microdermabrasion system :) When I heard about this product I thought that wow I can do microdermabrasion any time when I want. So, I search many review about this because I didn't want to regret after I was buying this tool. All reviews which I read said that It was great.
You can see the box, they wrote promising claims such us wrinkles, pores, age spot and firmness :) If I did microdermabrasion in beauty clinic, I felt my skin being softer, brighter and firmer. So I hope It could give as same as result if I did microdermabrasion in beauty clinic.
It comes from microdermabrasion applicator, 12 rejuvenating puff, attachment head and 2 AA batteries. The box is kind of type drugstore packaging, just simple.
This a microdermabrasion applicator, you can push the button up to use it. Don't forget to put the batteries on the back. It needs two batteries.
This the attachment head. You can put it on the applicator and take it off  if you have done. If you switch the button on, it will give vibration effect. It wasn't spinning like cleansing brush.
It has 12 rejuvenating puff, if you use it once a week you can use it until 3 months. The direction said that you can use 3 times a week to place of your scrub but I think it will be over exfoliate if I used it 3 time a week. 
The puff is blue and has slightly rough surface. You must make it wet with water before you put in the attachment head. Is the color will fade after using this? Yes the blue color will fade :)
direction to use this stuff ;)
You can see, how it's very promising. The first time I used it, yes my skin felt softer and my pores get smaller. However after I used it maybe 4 or 5 times my skin was breakout :( Fine, my skin was more softer and I love to touch it but I got breakout in my cheeks. I just feel desperate because It wasn't great like every review did :( 
I tried about one and half months but the result was't like what I expected. The description wrote that in 4 weeks 88% can significantly reduced wrinkles or age spot. Okay, I don't have wrinkle or age spot so I just notice that my skin was smoother and my pores got significantly smaller after 1 month, but it wouldn't necessary again if my skin was breakout :( I just leave this tool for a while, but someday I just think to use this tool again. I thought that maybe I did massage too long until blue color of puff is fade. It seems true, my skin breakout because over exfoliate. After that I massage my face faster than the past. The result wasn't great like before but my skin didn't breakout again. For the last, I didn't regret bought this stuff, I know my skin was breakout but now it's fine again. I still like it to replace my scrub because it works more significant than scrub. My tips is don't over exfoliate if you're using it. I don't know why, it was making me breakout, maybe my skin just too sensitive :( 
If I compare the result with microdermabrasion in beauty clinic, of course micro in clinic win. Why? because neutrogena didn't make my skin bright like when I did micro in clinic. But it cheaper than you go to beauty clinic. 
Neutrogena didn't available yet in Indonesia, so I must by online and if it isn't available I must wait patiently because they buy on US or Canada T,T You know that shipping for US is quite take the time. For the price, I think it's cheap because you can get only $ 19,99 in neutrogena website or $23,99 in I got it around IDR 400 thousand (based on exchange rate) for 12 puff, it means I can use 12X times :P
Good luck for your skin ladies ^^


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  1. beli dimana ? boleh tau gak? soalnya dari kemaren pengen microdermbasion tapi kok enakan ini ya bisa dipake dirumah.makasih :)

    1. hai, aku beli di preorder by mimo di lapak female daily :)

  2. Beli dimana ini ?? Hmm,400rb termasuk mahal.hiks..Kantong mahasiswa soalnya..

    1. di preorder by mimo, lapak female daily :)
      hihihi, iyaaa mahal tp dibanding perawatan di salon masih murahan pake ini XD

    2. iya mimo, coba deh search di instagram akunnya @preorderbymimo kl ga salah

  3. Anah.., I've been stalking to your blog like a half year, and this is my first comment here, hihihi...
    kayanya boleh juga ya Neutrogena microdermabrasi ini sebagai alternatif buat yang mau mikrodermabrasi tapi ga di klinik kecantikan.
    jadi kepengen coba juga, hehhehe

    nice review Anah ^^

    1. Halo Amanda,
      Makasih lo udah mampir kesini dan makasih juga atas first commentnya *hug*
      iyaa, lebih praktis kaan, apalagi di daerah super macet ky jakarta, yuk cobain sapa tau cocok
      nanti aku main juga ya ke blogmu :)

  4. Hi ka gimana hasilnya sekarang? Acne scarsnya udh pudar? Kira2 pemakaiannya berapa lama yaaa?


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