What I wore today: I love Fuchsia !!

10:29:00 AM

Hi, what do you do in the morning ladies? morning is kind of running time for preparing anything. Who is dressing up every morning? XD Honestly, I'm not :P What I like being beauty blogger is I'm not to be dress up every capture my face. People just see my face not my whole look, hahaha. However, sometimes I want to share what I wear today. But, so sorry I'm not photogenic person, my style was not really good,hehe.
Look! what is kind of pose? hahaha 
Recently I like use wide skirt which is like korean hanbok skirt. My aunt said to me that's my skirt look like jung geum (character in serial korean drama) #lol. My mother was complaining about the color, yes! it's fuchsia. She said that their eyes will sick  if they see me, buahahaha. Yes, I have unique style or maybe you can call it strange :P
However, fuchsia is good, right? it's half of pink and half of purple. I can't  describe that XD. Don't choose bright colors to mix and match with fuchsia. It will be great with black or white.
Capture my whole face is kind of addiction, hahaha 
I didn't feel pretty but I like to capture every FOTD which I create #lol
Have you ever feel bad with white veil? I always do but I just like this picture. We look good in white prayer sheet.
If you feel that dress up gives positive energy, please do it :) But if you feel cozy with messy, you don't have to try so hard to dress up. 

Beautiful song by John Legend 
 Every ladies is beautiful :) you don't need to worry about that! Don't let bad comment makes you down^^

This song dedicated to my sister, my best friends and all girls in the world^^



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  1. I LOOOOOVE DRESSING UP!! even when I know I have to leave very early in the morning, I will have already stood in front of the mirror at the night to have everything prepared and checked so tomorrow I'll just take what I have prepared last night XD

    Anyway I totally loooove that skirt you wear and it really looks good and you! that satin colour reminds me of "Lush" liquod lipstick named "Passionate" ^__^

    If you dont mind please play around in my blog XD


    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (www.theshimmeringsheema.blogspot.com)

    1. hi serry,
      thanks for ur nice comment, btw I love ur style, u always look cute. U re wearing hijab but ur style is so korean <3
      Maybe I will try like yours, prepare more early bcos I love to dress up but I often feel lazy in the morning :p

  2. ini nih... cantik... makeupnya pas banget buat ied... dan dressnya serasi pula sama makeupnya :) sukaaaaaa

    main-main ke blogku ya :)


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