Everyday with Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu (Review + FOTD)

August 29, 2014

Hi, Thanks Allah it's Friday :) What you like to do in Friday? I feel so tired after hectic weekend but still excited to write a review for you. This time, the product is local brand (from Indonesia), do you curious? I did when I received the packages. I got this couple weeks ago, I little bit surprised because I got all series with travel size. 
Mustika Ratu's claim 
MUSTIKA RATU SIMPLY STAY Make Up yang ditujukan untuk wanita yang aktif,simple dan selalu ingin tampil cantik setiap saat. Formula dan kandungan bahan alaminya aman digunakan dan disesuaikan untuk wanita Indonesia dan MAMPU MEMPERTAHANKAN RIASAN SELAMA 8 JAM.

Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu fit for women who is active but she wants to look simple and pretty. I think that is suitable for office women, like me,hehe. It comes from natural ingredients and the makeup can stay until 8 hours.
This mini palette comes from stick foundation (4 shades), two way cake (4 shades), moisturizer (2 variant), and liquid foundation (4 shades). Size of liquid foundation and moisturizer is 5 ml.
Simply Stay consist of:
1. Moisturizer: it uses before makeup. Simply stay has two series, normal to dry and normal to oily. You can choose based on your skin condition.
2. Liquid foundation: I think that it's perfect for everyday uses, it's lighter than stick foundation.
3. Stick foundation: If you like more coverage for your skin, you can choose stick foundation. It can applied by hand or sponge.
4. Loose Powder: You can use puff to pretend from oily skin. I didn't get this on this palette, maybe it's enough difficult to make it in palette.
5. Two Way Cake: It can make your makeup look smoother and flawless.
Excellence of product:
- Simply stay contain of Curcuma heynean Root Extract. It can make skin moist, smooth and bright.
- with Tocopheryl acetat (Vitamin E) for anti-oxidant.
- Octyl Methoxycinnamate for protecting skin from UV B
- it has smooth texture, so it can easier absorb to skin.
-  easy to apply
- it can stay until 8 hours. It looks promising, right?
- It has halal certificate from MUI. If you are muslim and like to pick halal product for your makeup, you don't need to worry about that. It's halal dear :)
This is what I got from Mustika Ratu, four kinds of variant products. Thank you Mustika Ratu
I should not talk about the packaging because what I got it wasn't a real packaging. However I like to give some comments. The palette is little bit fragile. I have brought this palette two times for travelling, it was fine but the powder, I mean twc released from the palette. However it can be fixed :)
Let start with moisturizer, I have tried normal to oily moisturizer for daily uses because my skin is oily combination. For normal to dry I just tried for couple days. The smell is like old cosmetic, not my favorite. However, the scent isn't really strong, it's fine laa :)
Texture of normal to oily is more watery and normal to dry has bit oily texture. Both feel light and not sticky in my skin. They don't make my skin breakout. I love a normal to oily texture it absorb well in my skin and my skin feel fresher and smoother after I used that. But I didn't mention for significant result after I used for a week. 
Price: 15.000 IDR
Liquid foundation, stick foundation, and two way cake comes from 4 shades. They are caramel latte, smoothie yellow, pearly white and sweet choco. What I love about foundation from local brand is the shades available for Indonesian skin tone which mostly they have yellow undertone. 
Here you go, I think 4 shades is enough to choose which is match for your skin xD I don't really like the packaging because I always pull out to much foundation :P Maybe it just my careless,hehe
the swatch
Foundation texture is light, not heavy at all, medium coverage, and matte finish. I love the finish look is matte which fit for weather in Indonesia (almost summer all year XD). The foundation dry faster than I thought. I prefer to add more layer in spot which need more coverage. You can see a picture below, it wasn't great but it was good enough to cover my damn acne :)
If I added more foundation layer in my skin, it still look natural and it's not greasy. Btw, the shades which match for me are pearly white and smoothie yellow. I don't know which ones more fit to me *lol I'm the person who always feel confused about foundation shade :p Almost forgot, liquid foundation has smell as same as moisturizer, but it's little bit stronger than moisturizer.
Price: 20.000 IDR
Stick Foundation
I love the packaging in real size, I think it could be easy to use as contouring  face. The brand claims that it has more coverage than liquid foundation. However I prefer to add more layer with liquid foundation than covered with stick foundation. I used stick foundation for contouring under eyes and some area but I look like using thick makeup. 
the swatch
It has shade as same as liquid foundation. My favorite is sweet choco for shading my chubby cheeks, jaw lines and nose. The result is more natural than I used a bronzer. It little bit sticky but still feel light in my skin, unless you add more layers. it's matte finish too :) The scent isn't really strong like liquid foundation. Both (liquid and stick) didn't make my skin breakout.
Price: 50.000 IDR
About the price is more expensive than liquid. For base I prefer to use liquid foundation but for contouring I like using the stick one :) 
The last is two way cake^^ 
Two way cake also has four shades. Smoothie yellow is perfect nicely to my skin tone. It little bit powdery and has nicely matte finish. It was great to make your face less oily. Believe me, my face didn't oily until five hours. My suggestion don't add much powder in your makeup because you will look menor (thick makeup). That's good when I have powder palette because I can play shading and contouring for very natural result. 
Price: 75.000 IDR
Price for loose powder: 60.000 IDR
FOTD feat Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu. I used all products from simply stay except decorative makeup like brow pencil, eyeliner, blush on and lipstick. I'm satisfied with the result, I could do contouring even I didn't use a bronzer or concealer. My makeup look natural and long last without a primer. I used it about five hours half outdoor and half indoor and it stay matte. After that, it was little bit oily but my makeup still matte. Simply stay is great long last makeup series.
If you ask why my face is so flawless in the first fotd picture :P actually I edited my picture just for nicely look,hehe. But, I didn't edit a lot xD
Thank you B Blog and Mustika Ratu for the chance to try this product^^

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