Tutorial + FOTD : Bright Look in Ramadan

July 08, 2014

Hello, have you ever feel lazy to do makeup when you're fasting? I hate put something heavy in my face in fasting day because hot weather make my skin dehydrated and I'm not convenience with heavy makeup in my face. So I will show you how can I get fresh look in Ramadan without heavy makeup. 
1. Done with my skin care routine. Never forget to use skin care before makeup! Healthy skin is the best way to get flawless makeup XD  My skin is going to sensitive in Ramadan, I feel like after I did peeling/ micro T,T. After skin care,I used Shu Uemura UV under base mousse as face primer to get makeup last longer.
2. Like I said before, I didn't like heavy makeup so I applied Etude House CC Cream. CC Cream has sheer coverage but it feels light in my face. If CC cream don't cover your spot or dark circle just cover it with concealer xD. I used my clean fingers to apply it, you can use brush or sponge makeup. 
3. Contouring time, my face is so flat so I love to do contouring. Put your concealer or creamy foundation with lighter shade in your nose bridge, under eyes, cheeks lines, chin and upper lips. I used age rewind maybelline concealer.
4. Blend...blend...blend, until you can't see the hard edges.
5. Shading, I used nyx matte bronzer (dark tan). I did in the edge of the nose, cheeks, forehead and jaw lines. I also applied pink blush in my cheekbones, the best way to put blush on is just smile :). I chose pink blush on to get a fresh look. Don't forget to blend it :) After that, I applied translucent powder from make over to lock my makeup. I like matte look because I have outdoor activities so translucent powder help me to get it. I didn't use compact powder because it little bit heavy for me.
6. Draw my eyebrow with viva eyebrow pencil and put black eyeliner in upper eyes.
7. I put yellow eye shadow in my eyes. I thought that yellow is color which bring a spirit. I will bright like sunshine #lol
8. Put silver eyeliner pencil in under eyes.
9. Take a mascara in my lashes. You can done in this step without put on fake eyelashes, but I like to add it because my lashes are too short.
10. Put fake eyelashes, make sure that fake eyelashes have length as same as with your eyes. If it doesn't, you need to cut it.
11. I put L'oreal pink lipstick (matte) and add etude house lip tint at the center of my lips. I love to add glossy effect because if I'm fasting my lips is going dry.  
12. Yay, I'm done with makeup and veil. Btw do my face look full with heart polka dot pattern? :P but, whatever laaa, because I love this pattern,hehe
Selfie time^^
Do you think that the steps is too long or take your time? Believe me, I did this only 15 minutes in the moved car or toilette office :P. What do you think about my FOTD, is it bright enough? xD I felt light with this makeup and of course it was last longer all day. It doesn't matter if you need to pray and wudu, my tips is don't rub your face too hard and after that you can touch up only with your powder. Wudu doesn't take your makeup away, don't worry ladies XD Don't use makeup as an excuse for not praying :)
Now is entering a third of Ramadan, but it's not too late (better than never,hehe) to say Happy Fasting everyone, keep istiqomah^^



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