Cottage Grapefruit Tonic Shower Gel Review

July 02, 2014

Today is fourth day of Ramadan, how is going? :) Jakarta is being hotter but I was happy because I can go home early, hihihi. This is what I love being a government officer :p. If I arrived home I just want to take a shower for refreshing my body. Shower gel from Cottage has nice scent, I can enjoy juicy, sweet and refreshing fragrance. 
Cottage has so many fragrance likes vanilla, green tea, white peach, fig, strawberry mint, grapefruit, violet, ocean blossom, kiwi, caramel and organ oil. I smelt mine, grapefruit, it's so nice and sweet, the smell as same as orange juice. I really love this scent. Like claim of the brand, Skin soft enough to eat, YES, I want eat my skin XD
The packaging is simple but colorful. The bottle shape likes milk or yogurt bottle. They have pink, orange, green, brown, blue, purple etc. Cottage has plastic bottle which you don't need to worry it broken. Cottage made in France :)
The bottle cap, it's quite enough to control size of gel :)
Its creamy foam and tonic fragrance will make your skin smooth, soft and deliciously scented. Cottage is parabens free and has pH neutral. I want to test about pH but I don't have litmus paper. Soap which has pH neutral didn't make your skin dry.
Cottage has gel texture and enriched of grape fruit scent. I love this scent but it just stay as long as I took a shower. I hope it's more long last. It's refreshing my mind after tiring day at office and public transportation. Public transportation in Jakarta is crazy, so crowded and hot, urgh.... So taking a shower with nice soap scent likes aromatherapy for me. It also didn't make my skin dry. I love how it deliver to my skin, soft, not slippery and so yummy. What your favorite shower gel? You should try this one and tell me which your favorite fragrance from cottage :)

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  1. Does it have this smooth-sticky feeling like... nggg... like you have clean it with water but feels like the remnants is still there?

    I feel it while using the body shop shower gel so it ends up making me feel like my body isn't clean. hehe.

    Thanks for the review!!

    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

    1. yes shee, it does XD, I think that shower gel or soap with pH neutral has sticky feeling, I also feel it if I used Dove beauty bar, but a doctor said to me that it means it doesn't scrape your skin moisture.
      But in hurry situation, I don't like this type soap/shower gel
      Thanks for ur nice comment :)


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