10 Days Red Photo Challenge

June 01, 2014

Haii, Indonesian people especially who likes Taylor Swift will wait Taylor Swift Red Tour in Indonesia. I never watch a live concert because I don't like surrounded by a lot of people or crowded situation likes watching live concert or  football match. I prefer watch in TV. However, hey it's Taylor Swift, I want to see her for a real, I want to know how tall or beautiful she is and of course I want to hear her voice directly XD. But I'm stingy person for using money to watch a live concert hahaha I mean I spent much money for something  fun but for watching live concert, meh.... (sayang banget rasanya xD) So, I'm interested to join Cleo magazine and Air Asia Challenge 10 Days instagram photo challenge. Even though I didn't win, I was happy for doing this challenge. It was fun to take a picture everyday with different themes XD maybe I will try to take part another photo challenge, not for the prize or something but it's kind of fun activity. I like to post pictures in instagram with interesting themes. Here my version of 10 Days Red Photo Challenge

What do you think about those pictures? XD I still want to watch Taylor Swift concert,hehe (sambil kekepin dompet #lol), anyone has a free ticket for me? :p
Enjoy your weekend ^^



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