New Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Smooths, Restores, Corrects Review

May 17, 2014

holaa, I'm back with amazing serum from clinique, if you mentioned before, I posted about Clinique repair laser focus wrinkle & photo damage corrector. It was good and I see a lot of improvement in my skin texture after using that serum for 5 months. I plan to repurchase if this serum run off, but Clinique Indonesia sent me their new clinique repair laser focus and now the complete name of serum is smooths, restores, corrects. I was excited to try it because the old repair laser focus is good for my skin.
This is new reformulated serum which delves one step beyond lines and wrinkles to deliver twice the smoothing result as before. Repairwear Laser Focus Smooths, Restores, Corrects is delivering 63% of the visible wrinkle reducing power of a dermatology in just 12 weeks. Really? :P hahaha. Clinique re-evaluate the original formula from old Repairwear Laser Focus with new ingredients which contains new skin resurfacing technology. It encourages gentle yet effective exfoliation to reveal smoother, more radiant looking skin. 
I'm twenty two but I choose anti aging serum from now. If you ask why? because I see some wrinkles in my skin like under eye and my forehead. It's not noticeable but I love to prevent wrinkle from now, I want my skin younger than my age,hehe. If you want to know, new formulas from new repair serum contains from
Acetyl Glucosamine: this formula holds dead skin cells on the surface of the skin for a more natural shedding process.
Salvia Sclarea (Clary) Extract: It derived from Salvia Sclarea plant. The function  is to support the final steps of cell differentiation and exfoliation by promoting the reformation of skin barrier. I was curious about Salvia sclarea plant, It was cute and the flowers is purple^^
Salvia Sclarea
Oke, let's start with the packaging. I'm not complaining about the packaging, It's simple but sleek with pipette. However I little bit scary to bring this on vacation because I will cry if this bottle is broken,hehe so I never try to bring this anywhere. My bag is so messy if I go anywhere hehe
This serum comes in two different sizes, 30 ml and 50 ml. The price for 30 ml is IDR 725000 and 50 ml is IDR 950000. It is suitable for all skin types and ages XD. See? It doesn't matter ,hehe. My friends is complaining if I choose an anti aging serum #lol.
I thought that this new serum is focusing to make glowing skin beside helps skin's texture for a younger look. I used this new serum about one month (day and night) and I notice that my skin more radiant and glowing than before. Sometimes I thought that my skin tone has change but it was not, my skin texture is just better so it looks more radiant. 
These are repairwear laser focus serums, the old and the new one. The packagings are same, same bottles, colors and sizes. I put those serum in separate place because It's difficult to mention the different if I'm not reading correctly,hehe.
The texture for smooths, restores, corrects serum is lighter and  the color is whiter than photo damage, but  I think they have same scent. Maybe you can't see the different clearly on my hand but if you really see both you can easily mention that the wrinkle and photo damage (old) looks cloudier and the new one look whiter. 
You can see that the new serum absorbs faster than the previous one. I must wait little bit longer for the wrinkle and photo damage (old). I feel that the new serum is more liquid maybe because of that they can absorb better. The old one is more sticky than the new serum. I mean the previous serum isn't sticky at all but if I compare with the new, photo damage is more slimy. The new is lighter.
This my skin condition after using new clinique repair serum. My skin isn't perfect XD I suddenly have a lot of white head (purging) in my cheeks. But it's not because this serum, I mention that happens after I change my toner. However I feel that my skin more radiant, smoother and feel tight after used new clinique repairwear serum. When I used the previous clinique serum I didn't mention that my skin being more bright. I just feel smoother and clearer but now I feel that my skin brighter. Omg, I'm so happy because I was stop using whitening or brightening cream, my skin little bit sensitive if using that. I read some reviews about new clinique repair serum fade acne scars but it didn't give significant result for me in one month I used new serum. I got a lot of improvement in my skin texture, I can see the significant improvement with new serum than the previous one. It also repair my flake skin after microdermabrasion in two days. I have oily skin and the new serum didn't make my skin more oily. Although it's suitable for all skin type, I think that it will be perfect for dry skin types,hehe. I hope it also can minimize my pores but I didn't see the result yet, I hope it will work for a long term used. 
- absorbed more faster than previous clinique repairwear serum.
- the serum lighter, whiter and less slimy.
- My skin is brighter and more radiant.
- can repair flake skin fast.
- make my skin smooth, tight and moist.
- didn't make my skin more oily
- the result is noticeable in one month while the previous one isn't
- didn't give significant result for minimize pores
- Somehow I feel that new serum can fertilize red acne, although it didn't cause acne. I just took a break for few days using this serum If I got hormonal acne
- pricey but worth to buy
I will update how it reduces my lines, I know my lines didn't disappear because using new clinique serum but it result from using clinique repair serum for five months. I have long line under my eye until half of my nose but now it reduced, few lines actually disappeared. I'm so happy^^
Have you tried New Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Smooths, Restores, Corrects? blah I feel the name is too long to say it #lol.
Thank you Clinique Indonesia



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