Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap (Green Tea) Review

April 02, 2014

Do you miss me?hehe, I miss blogging a lot XD. I've already use Shizen Gokochi facial soap about three weeks. Want to know my opinion? Okey, first I will share what is Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap? It's facial bar soap from cow style. Cow style is Japan brand which nowadays become popular in Indonesia. If I look at the packaging, it looks like natural product because the green packaging. However it wasn't just my opinion because Shizen Gokochi facial soap didn't use chemical process and safe for facial. In addition green tea fragrance made me feel relaxing. From cow style website the product claims that the soap contain from seven elements of natural treatments,
1. Natural green tea extact
2. Natural hyaluronic acid
3. Natural collagen
4. Natural jojoba oil
5. Natural althea essence
6. Natural ceramide derivative
7. Natural olive squalane
They left fresh and smooth sensation and also keep the skin moisture. 

There are two kinds of Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap, Green Tea and Charcoal. I got green tea. When I got this product I guess that maybe is a day cream but it's facial bar soap,hehe. Green leaf pictures make it looks natural product.
Here it is, the shape it's super cute. I didn't know what Japanese letters which wrote on the soap but I recognize cow style logo at the back hehe. The soap color is green, it look like an antiseptic soap. I like green tea fragrance. Green tea is always my favorite scent, I feel relaxing and the scent isn't too much.
Dont worry,there are direction, ingredients, POM number and expired date in the back of packaging in Bahasa (Indonesia). It's contain from jojoba seed oil which can keep skin moisture. Do yo feel worry about the foam because it facial bar soap? Ya, I did. But I will prove to you there is nothing worrying about the foam.
There is foaming net included in the box. You must put the soap in foaming net and make it wet. After this you can rub the soap with the net until you get a lot of foam. It was easy to get a lot of foam. For the first time I was surprise because I got a lot of the foam easily. However I remember that Japan products usually spoiled with a lot of foam and they also claim that cleansing is important. You can make ball from this foam and make it fun if you wash your face until you can't touch you skin. The foaming net also save me to organize the soap, because I little bit worrying about where can I put this soap.
Look, I can get abundant foam easily^_^. I love green tea and foam sensation but the foam made my eyes and nose irritated if they accidentally entered in. The foam removes dirty things and oil at my face, it didn't make my skin dry. After washing my face feels clean but still moist. I didn't get significant result from acne because I didn't have acne except if I got hormonal acne. I want to know if it works for acne or not, you can tell me if you have try it. I can easily get whitehead but the soap helps me to pretend from blackhead or whitehead. However, don't forget to remove your makeup first with cleansing oil before you wash your skin with facial soap. Facial soap didn't remove all of makeup. Double cleansing is important.hehe
You can get Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap at Guardian, Grand Lucky, Watson, Metro, or online at Sukamart and Nihonmart. The price is different every store, its around 65k until 75k IDR.
Thank you cow style Indonesia. Let me know if you ever try this^^
Have a good day everyone



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