Kracie Facial Cleansing Foam Review

February 15, 2014

Hello everyone, How's ur day? I hope fine. Today I will share my current favorite facial cleansing foam. I got Kracie Facial Cleansing Foam as goodies from B Blog event but I didn't directly used this bcos I have some cleansing foams from different brand. After I cleaned my room and I found this product between so many beauty stuff #lol then I tried that. I thought that omg, why can I skip used this cleansing? the foam is really soft and the scent is nice ^^
Nothing special with the packaging, likes usual facial cleansing foam. However I like blue color with soft pink rose at the packaging, it's a nice combination.
Kracie is a brand from Japan (you can see japan letter at the packaging) but don't worry there is how to wear direction in Bahasa (Indonesian language). I really agree with the claims are clear and soft. I feel the foam is really soft at my skin and didn't irritate my eyes or nose if the foam inadvertent got in my eyes or nose. Of course I prefer to use colorant free facial foam than others. This foam is containing from rose, Saxifraga extract and Amino acids that helps to moist your skin and care of dryness.
It has creamier texture which creates a lot of foam when the water is added. The color is white bcos it's colorant free. It has a soft scent of roses.
It has super soft texture if you massage it on your face. I thought it didn't feel slippery at all during application.
Because I need double cleansing after using makeup, I must to remove my makeup with cleansing oil before I washed my face with cleansing foam.*sorry for a mess pic
This my look after using kracie cleansing foam. It rinses away so easily and my face feels fresh and get it all removed. It makes my skin little bit drier but it's fine if I use toner after that. However it doesn't make my skin drier if used for long term, just feels little bit drier after washed face. What I like the most about this product is the foam feels really soft at my face and my eyes didn't irritated . In addition, when I washed my face I didn't feel my hand touch my skin directly, it just feels the foam. I suggest you to try and feel the super soft foam. You can get Kracie at the Indonesian drugstore like Guardian, Watson or Century. 
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