How to get flawless face without foundation (Inspired by Goss Makeup Artist Video)

February 11, 2014

Hello, sorry I'm rarely make a blog post bcos I'm busy preparing materials for my student and studying for a test. I never imagine that I'm too busy bcos took a part time job #lol (doing statistics and micro economic tutor for Toronto university student). Back to topic, I really love foundation bcos it make my skin flawless and good complexion. But, somehow my face tired using a foundation and lucky me I found Goss Makeup Artist video that gave tutorial how to get flawless skin with no foundation. Wyne Goss is my favorite beauty vlogger, I always love his makeup, tips and every beauty products which he chose. So I will share my experince and of course you can also watch his video^^
First step is preparing moisturizer and concealer. You can mix both and use them at ur face with brush or sponge. I never imagine that it works. I tried this tutorial bcos I thought that really??? of course he did, he has flawless skin and I'm not. However, mixing moisturizer and concealer give medium coverage for me. I used benefit triple performing emultion and YSL Touche Eclat but I suggest you to use another concealer which has good coverage bcos YSL Touche Eclat better for highlighter.
Because I used simple base for my skin, I also did simple makeup for correction, I just wore brow pencil, mascara and lipstick. I still want my look stand out so I chose red lip from shu uemura.
I still did shading for my face with coastal scent lip palette. I'm not really comfortable with that bcos it's sticky. But whatever I just want to prove Goss tips *lol. I used brown for shading and gold for under eyes.
For highlighter I chose silver. I was using silver to my nose bridge, brow bone and corner of my eyes.
Here the result, what do you think? I didn't suggest to person who has so many correction on her face. But if you have some spots, redness and acnes, it still fine to try this to everyday makeup. Because it's really giving flawless result and the coverage still good. I'm not using that for everyday makeup bcos I don't have so much stock liquid concealer #lol. I just have some creamy concealer.
Closer look

Happy Tuesday everyone, see ya in my next post^^



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  1. I love your lip color! What shade do you use?
    Followed your blog already :)

    1. thanks Michaella, I used shu uemura rounge unlimited 570 :)

  2. Wow, what a nice look!
    I really wanted to try the lip palette too x))

    Anyway, you have such a lovely blog.
    I've been following you.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Glad to know you.

  3. you look pretty! ><)b
    anw mind to follow back my GFC? ^^ Thank you :D


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