Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss and Blush On Review + Aria Montgomery PLL Look

January 21, 2014

Hai, today I will review two products from wet n wild, lipsgloss and blush on. Wet n wild is affordable product and they have official online store in Indonesia. I bought blush and I got free lipgloss. I chose pearlscent pink blush on bcos I didn't have pink blush on, I just have some peach blush. For lipgloss I chose red sensation. I didn't like use lipgloss bcos my under lip is thick *lol. Here you go
The packaging of blush on looks fragile and I must be careful with that bcos I'm careless with blush on thing. I drop my blush on and bronzer two times (how careless I'm). I already fixed that but I drop it again *lol.
The color is really pink and nice. I love peach for natural look but if you like  more fresh looks you must use pink than peach. It comes with brush but I didn't really like that brush. I didn't use it but I think the brush is easy for shading cheeks. It's not matte but gliterry, don't worry the glitters aren't too much. However they are very powdery. If you use that, you must drop off them little bit with hit slowly the brush on your hand. It will give nice color.
The swatch at my hand. I was surprise that the color is long lasting. I didn't expect that. The color didn't run off until 3 hours then I wash my face and it still here, didn't run off.
That's the lip gloss, like I said before I don't really like lip gloss. However I like this bcos it has very nice color. Tips, if you have big lips, don't use your lip gloss all over your lips but use it at the center of your lips. 
Yey, my feeling was right, red is good on me. I didn't really see the shade when I chose that bcos I got it free. But I thought if I chose pink, the color didn't come out.
The smell little bit strange for me. It little bit like vanilla but it's not really vanilla smell. I love due foot applicator but it's unhygienic.
swatch on my hand
swatch on my lips *sorry for my stupid pose lips 
I really love the color, they pay off on my lips but it doesn't long lasting. After I ate, the color is gone and I didn't know how long it can stay in my lips bcos I was too busy to check every 15 minutes and if I look at the mirror they just gone. Maybe it can stay one hour if you didn't mix it with other lip products.
I really love wet n wild products, they are affordable and the quality is good. I want to try eyeshadow from wet n wild but I have a lot of eyeshadow, so I'm worry they only displayed on my makeup case.
I thought that blush on and lipsgloss from wet n wild perfect to make Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars. PLL is TV series which complicated story. They have friend Alison and after Alison died, they always got terror from A.Until now, they didn't know who is the real A. Beside the story, I like them bcos they are stylish person. Aria is glamorous person, Hanna is very stylish and chic, spencer has vintage and formal style and Emily is casual.
Every episode Aria has different makeup but she has natural pink cheeks and glossy lips. I love Aria eyes makeup, she often use black eyeliner but somehow she uses blue or purple eyeliner and her make up is so glamour. For the lips, she often use glossy pink lipstick but somehow nude and brown.
That's my looks, I think that I look "emak-emak" *older* in here #lol.  I did much effort when I made the brow bcos Aria's brow isn't really me. I never trim my brow so I have a lot of hair at my brow bone.
This Aria's pose. It still become question why Aria always do 'sssh' pose, that's mean it's secret. Is Aria A? or maybe Ezra? Ezra is Aria's boyfriend but I didn't like her relationship, not bcos I heard gossip that Ezra is A. However I thought that they were not sweet like Hanna and Caleb or Spencer and Toby,haha
For eye looks I use brown, gray, white eye shadow and black eye shadow for eyeliner.
Sorry for random pic bcos I try a lot of poses which I didn't look older (emak-emak) hahaha. Maybe stand out lips and eyes didn't match with me or maybe the brow shape is the matter.
I will make another PLL look, maybe Hanna, Spencer or Emily. Tomorrow is PLL day, will you watch it?



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