Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap (Update Review)

January 04, 2014

This isn't the first time I'm reviewing Bouncia body soap from Cow Style. I made my first review here in Bahasa. I have been using this soap almost two months. Before I share my thought about this soap, I want to tell you detail about this product. You can visit their website here.
Have you already know COW BRAND? Ya, COW BRAND is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years. COW BRAND is No.1 Soap company in Japan. Bouncia Body Soap is one of the products from COW BRAND. Bouncia made to protect dry skin gently. Benefit of using this soap because it consists of hyaluronic acid, collagen and milk butter to make your skin soft and moist. It's very suitable for you who have dry skin. Beside that, licorice-dipotassium glycyrrhizate also can replace dead skin cells.
Cold weather conditions make my skin dry but Bouncia save my skin to survive in that condition. My little sister also use this soap and she likes the bubbles foam and refreshing scent. What I love the most about Bouncia is whip cream bubbles, so I can take a shower with abundant foam. In fact, the bouncia bubble more easily remove dirty than others body soap which have big bubble, you can see these pic below
Big bubble in general, it's difficult to clean the pores because they too big for entering the pores.
The bubble of Bouncia, The bubble of bouncia is fine bubble, so it is possible to remove the dirt with easy and soft.

In my first review I showed you my shower puff full of foams. However, I prefer to use my hand to apply. If you prefer use hand than shower puff, you will spend more soap. But it's fine because I don't like use shower puff. After using Bouncia soap for two months, I like how it's refreshing, keeping my skin moist but not slippery after I take a bath and of course I love the bubbles foams. 
Thank you B Blog and Cow Style Indonesia :)  



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