Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & Photo Damage Corrector

January 13, 2014

Hai, how's your weekend? Jakarta is raining all day. It's very cold tonight. Flood everywhere so I didn't go anywhere today, I just ate what I have #lol. The weather make me lazy to do anything except activity which can I do in my bed,haha. So, here is it, I will share about clinique serum that I got from Clinique Indonesia . I have used this serum almost a month.
This is clinique repairwear laser focus.Based on the name, it's serum for aging solution. I'm twenty, but it doesn't matter for preventing wrinkles. I have some wrinkles under my eyes and this serum also can use for eyes *happy* b'cos some face serum can't be use to eyes area. The bottle comes in 30 ml with glass material. It's simple but looks nice and elegant.
It likes another serum packaging comes with pipette to get accurate amount of serum. B'cos it suggest to use 3 or 4 drops twice a day.
Description of product 
 Except reduce wrinkles it uses to mend sun's visible damage, smooth roughness and gives radiance effect too. It's 100% fragrance free. I like fragrance free skin care, I don't really convinient with strong scent in my skin care products.
Clinique repairwear laser focus has smooth texture and not oily at all. It also can absorb easily. Beside, no fragrance, it has no color. In a month, my skin felt more better. It means my skin looked smoother, even, and more radiant. A month ago, I felt my skin so dull, you can read my post about my skin condition here. Now I feel much better, my skin looks clearer and radiance, I know I use another products too, such us night cream, day cream, and toner. My skin is sensitive to dry in cold weather (almost 3 weeks I was on holiday in Purworejo and I felt cold almost everyday), so I've proved it with didn't use for couple days and my skin felt tight. What about fine lines around my eyes? It didn't give significant result, maybe it will work for long term benefit. This is reduce some fine lines but another lines just come out >,<
This my skin condition now, I'm happy for that progress but someday I notice that there are  fine lines making curved from the edge of the eyes until half of my nose height and the lines were not there a month ago. Do you have any idea what it is? maybe I just less slept. But it's a huge line for me *I'm going old*
+ The glass of packaging comes with pipette
+ The serum has smooth texture, spread easily but didn't make my skin oily
+ no fragrance and no color
+ It gives smoother and clearer skin looks
- The serum works more slowly to me (than the product claims), my fine lines reduced but I have huge lines appear, I don't know it's b'cos this serum or not. But I'm not happy :(

However I will continue using this product, b'cos I like even and glowing effect in my skin. The price is 725K IDR, but it's really worthed. Have you ever use Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus? I want to know how it worked for you or not. I also curious how it worked for sensitive skin.

Thank you Clinique Indonesia
Have a nice Monday everyone^^



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  1. cukup pricey yaa. kemaren aku juga lagi cari-cari serum dan lagi liat-liat ini juga. thanks review nya :)


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