Ecotools and Masami Shouko Brushes

December 13, 2013

Hello, last month I wrote about stippling brushes which I have and now I will share about the others brushes. I don't have too much brand of brush. Like you can see below, my brushes collection from ecotools and masami shouko. Ecotools brushes are popular as mineral brushes and you can get at some drugstore (but it's not Indonesian drugstore :D). Ecotools is my first brushes and I really love it. I bought ecotools 5 piece brush set. They are mineral powder brush, concealer brush, eye Shading brush and baby kabuki. Do you ask why it's just consist of four brushes? haha It was my thought when the first time I bought this :P. Yes, because the fifth is cosmetic case,hehe. 
What's claim from ecotools? Handles made from bamboo, a highly sustainable plant 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles Recycled aluminum ferrules Natural cotton and hemp cosmetic case Reusable storage pouch Maybe these brushes made for applying mineral makeup but I'm not fan of mineral makeup. However these brushes are fine to apply non mineral make up. I love design of handles (didn't heavy, not too long, travel friendly and love the wooden color). The bristles is really soft and dense. I have been using ecotools brushes for a year and the fur has never been fell out. I like the gradation color of bristles too :)
Mineral Powder Brush
I used it to apply powder sometime bronzer or blush on, b'cos my blush brush is not travel friendly.
Baby kabuki brush
I love baby kabuki b'cos it's so tiny *lol and I like to apply cake powder. It gives more flawless than you use spons.
Eye Shading Brush
However I call eye blending brush, haha. I used this to blend eyeshadows.
Concealer brush
I rarely used that for concealer, I think that is quite big to concealer (it's not big but I just didn't like to blend my concealer with this brush). I use this for eyeshadow, lip, and sometime to shading my nose. Maybe I did not use this brush according to the function,haha. 
If you ask me what I dislike about ecotools brushes. Nope, according to the price and the quality, I love those brushes so much. The others brushes that I love is Masami Shouko. I bought masami shouko brushes b'cos it's easy to get in Indonesia( at Sogo ar Kay collection store), affordable price and some bloggers said that the eye brushes are good. Design of the handles and the bristles are nothing spesial. The handles is black with the words masami shouko and the number of brush series. The bristles are soft and dense. However, ecotools bristles softer than masami shouko. 
The prices are affordable,the price of eye brushes just 28900 IDR or $3. I have been using masami about three months and there aren't fur loss. The bristles consist of natural and sintetics bristles.
Angled brush
It's perfect to shading nose. My nose is too short so I really need this brush *lol.
Lid brush
This brush is easy to apply eye shadow on the crease of eyelid.
Angled brow brush
I like use this to define and fill my eyebrows. It's perfect partner of elf eyebrow kit XD *my favorite brow products
Mini eye shadow brush
This brush for applying eye shadow on the crease and inner corner of the eyes. It made from natural bristles. It's the smallest version of eye shadow brush, why it's call mini eye shadow brush.
Detail eyeliner brush
The shape almost the same with mini eye shadow brush but eyeliner brush more pointed on one side. This brush allows in applying cream or gel product around the eyes and the inner corner of the eyes. Sometime I use black eyeshadow for eyeliner with this brush. It's give nice result too. What I dislike If you didn't have experience with another brands of brush, masami it's fine not disappointing. However if you ever try others brand which softer, denser and cuter you will feel masami is usual brushes but still good (that's what I feel). 
What are brushes do you like?tell me :) 
Good night ladies^^ 

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