Revlon Photoready Primer+Shadow in Avant Garde (525)

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Hai, I'm back again with review one of Revlon Photoready product. This is primer and shadow comes in one palette. Revlon have 8 shade for this series and I got avant garde (525) shade.
It has simple design of packaging, easy to be opened and easy to be brought. You can see the raw of color without opening the upper side of packaging. The bottom side there are how to use  directions  which is helping for beginner, It doesn't come with mirror.
this comes in 5 part: 
1. primer, this primer is shimmer and brighter the shadow color. I didn't know what the different if I use this, the shadow still comes out without primer. It doesn't really help for the shadow to stay longer, maybe because my lid is oily. 
2. bottom shade, I love elctric blue color. It's pigmented and shimmer. My brush doesn’t pick it that shade as well as my finger would. Don't over blended because it is easily sheer out. 
3. matte deep blue shade, The shade as well as number 2 shade but it's matte. 
4. highligter. This for brightening your browbone area. 
5. glitter shade, the color is invisible just spot glitter area if I swatch this. You can see the outer area is little bit dirty. The shadow is chunky and chalky especially the glitter. After you done with your eyes makeup you must be clean your eyes area.
It comes with two apllicator
I made short tutorial to use this palette,it's simple and suit for everyday uses. The steps are: 
1. Ready with your clean eyes area and aplly another eye primer to help the color stay longer 
2. Apply primer (no.1) all over eye lid up to brow bone 
3. Add bottom shade (no.2) to lid 3. use matte deep blue shade on crease 
4. Sweep highter to over brow bone 
5. Enhanced with sparkle top coat and blend 
6. Use mascara to get dramatic looks 
7. Apply macara too at the bottom lashes 
8. Add eyeliner and done ;) 
Hope you enjoy my post^^ and have a nice day 



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