NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation (03)

November 04, 2013

How's your day? I hope it's awesome :). I was little bored because I didn't have activity that really should be done. Every day I just sleep, eat, browse the internet and play with my brother and sister :P. I'm not jobless but I was on vacation,hahaha. Today I wanna share about NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation.
This is liquid foundation that claims: high definition mineral-enriched talc-free paraben free good for all skin types softens lines light diffusing effect studio photos SPF free
If you read the claims, it seems to be a good foundation. But let see my opinion ;D
I got natural shade that little bit darker than my skin. I always fail to choose a foundation shade online :(

the coverage of this hd foundation is medium. I like to put one layers but I will add more layers at some part that need more coverage.
The packaging is simple, light weight, pump, and not fragile. I like liquid foundation comes with the pump, it's easier to use and hygienic.
it's light, easy to blend, and dries down quickly. The finishing isn't really matte, you still need powder, but not too dewy.
The HD foundation looks really macth with my hand but not at my face. I have oily combination skin types and it was good until six maybe eight hours. The foundation didn't run off if I wash my face (if I go to pray).
You can see at the pic above, it doesn't look good because I have wrong shade. However I have little trick about that, I mix with primer that brighter my skin. This foundation doesn't cakey at all and good at flash photograph. It doesn't make your picture like a gost. I prefer foundation with spf but it's fine if I put moisturizer with spf before makeup. I don't like to use this foundation for everyday but it didn't break my face until now. I have been use this six month. The HD Foundation comes with 1,26 oz or 36 gr and the price about $11. I thought it's affordable. My result are 
- it's medium coverage 
- The packaging is simple, light weight, pump, and not fragile 
- it's light, easy to blend, dries down quickly. The finishing tends to matte 
- long lasting 
- it didn't break my face 
- affordable 
- easy to get (at NYX store or online shop) 
- good for flash photograph 
- I have wrong shade 
- it comes with no spf 
Have you tried this hd foundation? It's not my favourite foundation but I love this. I still keep this foundation although I have wrong shade. 



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  1. kalau sering salah shade coba di findation.com dulu aja >.< smoga membantu :)


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