Blush Brush and Stippling Brush from Real Techniques

November 15, 2013

Time passed quickly, I can't believe it's Friday, almost weekend again and I'm doing nothing at home,haha. Fine, now I will talk about makeup brushes, do you like brushes? I do, I love to collect them. My collection isn't too much, but I will show you which brushes I have.
These are my brushes collection. I still want to buy again, maybe another brushes from real technique or masami or ecotools. They are my favorite brand of brushes. They have good quality but still affordable. Ok then, today I just want to share my brushes from real techniques. Real Techniques brushes are design by Samantha Chapman or pixiwoo. She is famous beauty vlogger.
Blush Brush
Like the name this brush is made to apply blush and it's also perfect to contour my cheeks. I love how it works to contour my cheeks, I tried another blush but it didn't fit well. If I apply bronzer to contour cheeks it give natural finish, not too much and not give harsh edge. However, to apply blush it's quite big for me (I have small face although I have chubby cheeks #lol ). I love the design of this brush. It has pink handle and black rubber at the bottom which have flat shape so it can stand at the table.
This bristles are synthetic and 100% cruelty-free. The bristles are smooth,dense, and didn't fall out until now.
Stippling brush
Stippling brush is designed to apply liquid or cream foundation and also cream blush but I have no experience about use cream blush with stippling brush. A lot of review said that gives natural and flawless finish. However it doesn't fit for some liquid foundation or bb cream. I have experiments for applying nyx foundation or revlon bb cream it's make my face looking streaky, but for another bb cream or cc cream which I have it's giving nice finishing. Maybe I must try Expert Face Brush too, I read so many review that this brush more satisfied than stippling brush.

I love design of the bristle. It has black and white which more little spread out a little at the top. I love the design a handle too like blush brush. The bristle also made from synthetic bristles. They are absolutely cruelty free. It also feel soft on my skin. However I think that I use much foundation if I use this brush than I apply with finger or sponge. I think that Real Techniques brushes really are worth to buy. They super soft and easy to clean, I mean that they go back to their original shape after I washed them. 
What about you? do you like RT brushes? 
Happy weekend everyone :*



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  1. real techniques emang paling poll bagusnya ;)

    1. yap, RT memang juara, harganya jg gak semahal sigma <3

  2. Beli dmn nih brushnya?

    1. di olshop fb, yg stippling di Mirielle beauty, yg blush di nona lenongholic :)


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