66 Lip Palette by Coastal Scents

November 14, 2013

This time I will talk about coastal scent 66 lip palette. What do you think if you heard it? 66 different colors of lipstick,really? it was interesting to me. Coastal scents is the winner for affordable palette with so much colors. I bought this palette just around $10 (230K IDR) on the sale price. Omg, it's cheap to get a lot of colors and I can try any colors of lip. However, is this palette really worth to buy? How about the quality? Let's see my opinion
I thought that 66 lip color are enough to try any looks. It's also comes with yellow, blue, transparent, white, turquoise (the color that rarely for lipstick). This suits for newbie or everyone who love to play makeup :D.

Coastal Scent palette has standard packaging with black color. Dimension of this palette is 22.9 cm x 15.2 cm x 1 cm and lip plot diameter is 1,6 cm. Net weight is 22 gr or 0.77 oz, not weight, isn't it? But I thought this palette isn't travel friendly. It is not comfortable to carry around if you need to touch up. The packaging little bit fragile, didn't come with mirror and applicator or lip brush. I wasn't complaining about a simple packaging. However, I wish this palette comes with lip brush. It necessary for a lip palette, I'm not sure that my hand always hygienic for apply lipstick.
The palette consist of six rows and I zoomed every row so you can see exactly every color.
First Row consist of red,pink, orange, yellow, transparent, and white.
Second row almost all pink.
third row consist of purple, red and pink.
fourth row almost all red.
fifth row consist of gold, silver, blue and green.
sixth row consist of brown and red 
The texture of some colors are sticky, but it isn't every color. This palette has scent but I couldn't really smelled (if I used it). Before I use it, I need to moisturize my lip. 
The Swatches
First row (with flash)
Second row
third row
fourth row (with flash)
fifth row
sixth row (with flash) 
This lipstick didn't last longer for me. When I ate, the lipstick would disappear. If you pressed your bottom and upper lip, the color little bit run off and I need to fix it. I tried to press my lip with a tissue and apply this lipstick again, but it wasn't work. I never use it alone to everyday uses (sometimes I mix it with my single lipstick to fix my lipstick color). I just use it to play FOTD. You can also use this for eye shadow or blush. However It was too wet for eye shadow. It is nice to blush on but it will disappear in just a few minutes due to perspiration. 
- affordable palette 
- It consists of many different colors, so you can try any colors. It has helped me to experiment with shade lipstick which I would not have thought of trying. 
- it didn't last longer 
- didn't come with brush 
- some colors are sticky 
- some shades are completely unused 
- make my lip dry 
- difficult to get in Indonesia, you must buy online 
I didn't regret buy this palette, because I love to experiment with color shades. However I will not repurchase this palette. I picked random colors of each row and swatch on my lip.
I has done with simple makeup, no bronzer, no shading and no blush, just play lip colors.

Have you tried this palette? Coastal Scent often give discounts for this palette and last time I checked this palette is sold out. 
Have a nice thursday everyone, keep smiling^^ 



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  1. wahhhh bagus" asyik nih lsg mainan lipen tiap hr buat macem" look

  2. Racun banget nih ^^ swatch yang warna biru dong ^^


    1. hihi, udah say yang biru di fifth row swatch,
      thank u ya :)

  3. Replies
    1. hihi, iyaa lengkap banget, bisa coba warna apapun :D


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