How important good quality brush to build your makeup

May 09, 2013

Hello ladies,
How important brush to you? I wanna share how important brush to me. First time I known makeup, I didn't think brush was important to apply makeup. I just used brushes to apply eye makeup. I thought to apply foundation didn't need brush. However, After I learn more and more about makeup I know that brush is very important to make your face more flawless if you apply fondation or how to make your eyeshadow pop or what the perfect brush to shading your face. Whatever cosmetic product do you choose (high-end or dugstore product), your makeup doesn't look stunning if you don't have good quality brush. Last time, I often used wrong brush. I used powder brush to apply my fondation and I had question for my self, "why i can't blend my foundation well". I hate foundation for long time. I known that I applied wrong brush after I joined makeup class by Female Daily. After that I didn't hate fondation again because I known if I used right brush or spons, fondation can blended well. Beside foundation, you must use right brush to shading your face, if you don't like your shading looks harsh. If you like to play unique color of eyeshadow maybe you need three or more eye brushes.

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Like I said, first you must choose right brush to apply your makeup product. Second, you need good quality brush to build your makeup. I ever bought very cheap brushes, the price under 20000 IDR for brush set. You can imagine how rough these brushes. The bristles rough, scratchy, and fall out. Ough, I promise to never purchase brushes like this again >,<. I have blush on which based on review it's good quality. However the blush on didn't pop up at my skin and my friend suggest to use different brand of brush. Viola, The result is blush on looks nice at my skin.See, how important quality of brushes.
The price for makeup brush is based on their size and what material the bristles are made from. The bristles made from animal bristles or synthetic material. There are a lot of makeup tool brands that offer brush to you. But how to choose good quality brush if you are buying it? That's tips from me: you can rub brush againts your skin and feel it. The bristles should feel soft, not rough or scratchy and any fibers didn't fall out if you run the brush against your hand. I know high end brand of brush have good quality because the price is never lies :D. However I'm still student and I choose to save my money to buy makeup product than expensive makeup tools. One of my favorite brand is Masami Shouko brush. Why I like this brand a lot? Because their brush have a good quality but the price still affordable to me.

You can see, masami shouko offer a lof of kind of brush. The picture took when I attended grand opening kay collection store. It's kind of temptation :p.
Five must have brushes based on my version,haha
1.liquid foudation brush


Pic source:
2. powder brush/blush brush

Pic source:
3. angel brush

Pic source:
4. eye brush (lid brush)

Pic source:
5. eye blending brush

Pic source:
What kind five must have brushes for you ladies?

FYI, Masami Shouko brush made from natural and synthetic bristles. The bristles are soft and dense and the important is the price is affordable. I love their eye brush version, maybe next time I will review my own masami shouko brush. Masami shouko also offers brush set for newbie and makeup artist. Beside that, Masami also sell another makeup tools likes spon, traincase and makeup case.

How to get Masami Shouko brush?
You can visit their store at some mall in Jakarta or buy online at For more update about masami shouko, you can visit @masamishouko and masamishouko facebook.
How about you ladies?still doesn't need brushes?:D

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  1. bener banget.. kalo brush nya ga berkualitas kadang, eyeshadownya juga ga gonjreng/ warna ga kelauar di mata

    seringnya bulu2nya rontok

    1. hihi,iya mba kadang bukan salah produknya kalo warnanya gak keluar, brush yg dipake jg ngaruh :D

  2. brush memang terkesan 'printilan' tapi dengan brush riasan akan lebih sempurna eaaaa hheheheh

  3. aaaaa nice post! semoga menang ya giveawaynya =) aku pernah ngalamin hal yg sama kayak kamuuuuu u,u waktu itu aku masih sotoy banget soal make up, tergiur sm makeup tools yg dijual di toko aksesori macam "strawberry" daan alhasil baru 3 hari kuasnya udah mbrudull, nusuk2, sakit banget >,<

    1. hihi, dulu suka pengen brush set lucu2 di toko aksesoris, sekarang mah cuma lirik sm megang aja sambil bilang "iih kasar banget" *sok-sok an hahaha


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