Makeup Controversial

April 27, 2013

There are many reason women choose to wear makeup. If you work at social media likes work at magazine or beauty company,it doesn't matter to wear makeup everyday. However, sometimes people arround you didn't convenient with makeup. I thought makeup brings a lot of controversial,hahaha. There are some people said to me about makeup and not all of the opinion are good^^. Seriously, I feel bad because i'm wearing makeup. Do you ever feel underestimate if you'r a girl who wears makeup? I will share my opinion about makeup and I know not every woman agree with me :)
Makeup is a hobby Do you agree with this statement?if person didn't have same idea, they just said "it's weird". But i think hobby is weird thing for other people who don't like your hobby. If you like climb mountain or collect stamp. Maybe your friend will ask why did you take a risk to climb mountain?or why did you spend your time to collect silly things? Your answer just whats the matter i'm enjoy doing this. Now, is it wrong if some women like makeup stuff?I love to play colors which match at my skin,like which are beautiful eyeshadow or blush color for fotd. Do you believe me if I got stress I will wear makeup and I feel happy,haha
Do you wear makeup everyday?I'm not wearing full makeup everyday. If you look fotd or my picture with makeup, the fact is i wore this at my room and took a lot of picture. After that I would wash my face at the bathroom.haha. What if you go out?Ok, I didn't deny I use makeup stuff but I just wear powder and lipgloss. Sometimes, some people deny if they use makeup. Hello powder, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner are makeup stuff. If you didn't wear full makeup, it didn't mean you'r not wearing makeup. I wear full makeup if I go to special event like beauty event or party. I feel terrible if I came with bare face. It's one of appreciate their invitations.
You use hijab but you still wear makeup. There are a lot of people said it to me. Fine, I'm not perfect being muslim girl but I have another rules for myself about this. I mean I would not explore my body if I wear outfit and I didn't wear makeup too much if I met boys.Am I bad girl because I love makeup?haha. I didn't care the people judge about me. What I care is my family and my friends don't hate me. My dad has a lot of rules for his daughter about how to dress, behave and maybe hobby. I have story about my sister. She likes dance and my dad said to her that if you at junior high school you must not dance anymore. Why?because my father doesn't like if his daughter is dancing and exploring her body in front of people,haha. However, my mom and dad didn't angry if I love makeup a lot. They support me to take makeup course.
To who are you wearing makeup. Are you wearing makeup to impress guys?omg, it's silly statement and I'm not like that*I mean I'm still me, my behave didn't change because makeup. If you take a shower, get dresses and well groomed, it's for who?of course it's for yourself,isn't it?. I didn't know why some guys think like that. The fact is I didn't convenient if there is a guy looking at me because I wear makeup. When women put makeup, they think about which foundation looks flawless at their face or how to make their makeup last longer or which ones shade lipstick we choose. They didn't think about you. But if married women use makeup to impress their husband, it's doesn't matter.hehe
Women cover imperfection with make up. There is statement if women always put makeup everyday, then they got married and the husband will shock with their bare face. I think it's not fair blame the makeup. If the man is marrying someone, I think they must accept you without requirement. Likes your family and friends love you in any condition. I'm not women can't life without makeup but I hope if people really love me doesn't matter if I like makeup a lot. I know people who loves me didn't judge me too bad.

Those are just my opinion and fact me vs makeup,haha. If you don't agree with me, it's doesn't matter. I always just smile if there is someone judge me about makeup^^.



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  1. Yes I'm so agree with u ^^ I wear make up not to get attraction from men or anyone else, wear make up and good clothes it for my self and I think woman need make up not just because they love/need it, it because they born to be beautiful :)

  2. This is how I feel~ I simply wear makeup for fun, and because it is my hobby. I often go places without makeup, but I also wear makeup to special events because for me makeup makes it even more special! It sounds silly, but I think many girls feel the same way. ^_^

    1. thx god I'm not alone,haha
      thank you gabriela for ur nice comment :)

  3. Wah nice post sai.
    Sangat setuju sekali, yang namanya hobbi ya mau gimana ya.



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