Sulwhasoo Herblinic Restorative Ampoules

March 24, 2013

Hai ladies, 
How's your day?I hope you enjoy this weekend. I thought I rarely write about skin care is not like the early days when I write a blog. My blog full of skin care review, haha Nowdays, everything about korean is popular in Indonesia,espesially girlband and boyband. If you like the artist, you must be like their style and beauty.Okey, I'm not a fan of korean artist. I just saw some korean drama and korean artist that I exactly remember the name and the person only Song hye kyo and Rain *poor me*. However, I love their amazing skin and make up.Now, I will review sulwhasoo herblinic restorative ampoules. My skin is easily breakouts and I read a lot of amazing review about it for clearing acne. I purchased this on sample size and I get 20 set of sample. I bought this sample at
Red Ginseng and Milk Vetch root helps to strengthen and energize weakened skin to help defend from external aggressors such as UV rays and free radicals. Cnidium officinale removes toxins, Angelica intensely rehydrates, and Mugwort fortifies skin with vitamins for better skin metabolism. 
Use before emulsion every morning and evening. Before applying it is best to rub both hands for about 30 seconds to create warm energy. Release 1 pump onto your palm and apply on cheeks, chin, and forehead and smooth into skin using upward and outward massaging motions. The five Herblinic Restorative Ampoules, are each formulated for 12 days of use, to continue to use for 60 days. After complete use of the ampoules you may continue with your regular skincare serum. 
I put this serum on a paper, because I really hard to get picture like the origin color if I take on my hand. The serum is rather thick, slightly sticky, yellowish and smelled a very strong herbs. Btw, I love the smell.It's like the smell of my favorite ginger tea. 
pic source: sulwhasoo web full size (7ml)
sample size (1ml) 
My opinion about this product
After I used this about two month, I feel my skin much better. My skin feels smooth, supple and smaller pores. However, it didn't work for reducing my acnes. I agree with the claim that the product makes better skin metabolism and I feel my skin is very smooth. It made me like touch my cheeks *lol. But I was a little disappointed with this product because I bought this product for inflamed acne on my forehead. My acne didn't improve and sometimes arise new acne because the serum makes my face more oily. 
- The smell is very strong in herbs 
- Although I haven't find the ingredient list, I think this product is natural 
- It makes smooth and supple skin 
- The serum really works for refining pores 
- This isn't make you addicted. I've stopped taking up to two weeks but the effect is still felt 
- Suitable for all skin types. 
-the texture slightly sticky 
-it doesn't work for clearing my acnes 
-expensive for me 



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  1. hmmm... Whoo itu betul2 dari tumbuhan kan? Aku juga kepengen pake klo cocok, tapi lagi nyari2 review dulu sama nyoba2 testernya ... soalnya beli fullsize mahal juga ukuran sekecil itu...

    1. gak tau pasti dari apa, soalnya ak cari ingredient listnya gak nemu, tp baunya herbal banget, iya mahal banget T,T padahal pengen repurchase kl udah habis,huhu

  2. hi dear..
    wih postingan yg bagus mba :) jadi pengen nyoba..hehe

  3. waah,,, makasih ya udah share,,, :)


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