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12:29:00 AM

hai beauties,
I'm not posting my FOTD again. However I have model now,haha. She is my sister. I love spend time with my family especially my sister. You know what, I like doing something about girl with my sister like shopping, wearing mask together,ect. One day I thought to put make up for her. She is 12 years old and second grade at junior high school. Her face still virgin from make up*lol and I would contaminate her face :D

She looks very innocent :D

Her make up looks lighter because she wearing my make up stuff. I have more lighter skin tone than her. Blush on looks pink at me but the color didn't come out on my sister. However, my bronzer looks more natural for her.

I didn't put mascara and eyeshadow at her eyes. I forgot bring all of them :"

envy with her nose*lol

If you haven't seen her face before make up, guess!how old she is?

I thought my sister looks more mature than me,do you agree?haha



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  1. ur sister looks so cute..hehhe...thanks for a nice comment on my blog...i am your new follower...=D

    1. thank you nancy, I'm glad you visit me back :)
      btw, I love your style and make up

  2. all I can say, she is a sweet girl! :)


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