Urban Decay>>The Black palette

October 18, 2012

I love eyeshadow palette and I am dreaming about urban decay naked palette. I wish someday I can buy it or there is somebody give me that palette #LOL. Okey I don't have naked palette but I have the black palette,hehehe

The palette such as six eyeshadow color, 24/7 glide on eye pencils (Zero),and eyeshadow primer.
I love mirror in the packaging, I think it's quite big ;)
I will swatch eyeshadow and eyeliner, but I'm sorry the pictures are bad, because I took from my blackberry camera
glide on eye pencil (zero)
after I was cleaned up with water
after I was cleaned up with maybelline make up remover
without eyeshadow primer, from left to right (sabath-cobra-libertine-jet-barracuda-black dog)
with eyeshadow primer, from left to right(black dog-barracuda-jet-libertine-cobra-sabath)
after one hour and I was cleaned up with water
-cute packaging
-staying color is very good
-waterproof eye pencil
-The price is little expensive ,but I think it's fair. The quality is very good.
-I don't like glide on eye pencil, because it's smudge for my eyelid. I have oily eyelid.
-The color too much dark for me, it's the real black palette,hehe...
Repurchase? No, I will save my money to buy naked palette :p
Price? I forgot the price in dollar but I bought 250000 IDR.

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