Ciciero Bag>>Lauren Two Tone Dusty Pink

August 23, 2012

My first ciciero and my first bags review. I have known ciciero bag since I joined member of Female Daily. But I'm not going to purchase this just enter ciciero bag in my wishlist. I bought this bag when I planned to buy guess bag on sale this season, but I didn't have time to go shopping at mall. And when I saw promo new arrival Ciciero bag, I can't wait again to buy Lauren Two Tone Bag. If I'm not wrong there are four kinds variants Lauren Two Tone. They are dusty pink, dark blue, black, and mustard. I chosen the pink ones. This the bag's look

the bag's shape likes furla bag but it's not as stiff as furla bag. I think I need bag shaper for this bag. I love the two tone color. But the creme tone easies to dirty, maybe because I'm not the cleanest person. The bag's size is 19.00 x 30.00 x 18.00 cm, so it's can carry a lot of stuff. But this bag doesn't look too big.I thought it was pretty neat seams for Indonesian brand.
When I read review about ciciero bags delivery services, some people says it's frequent delay, but my bag come on time and I got promo free for shipping and got make up pouch^_^. I hope the leather doesn't easily flake off in a long time. Overall I like this bag and I'm not dissapointed because I'm not buying guess bag on sale this season. Maybe the other time I will repurchase the other variant bags from ciciero.

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