Garnier lightening peel off mask

June 14, 2012

I love wearing mask, maybe if I'm not busy I wear mask once a day. This is one of my favourite Indonesian mask product. I'm interest with this product because I read nice review about garnier mask. I bought this product in Indomaret store. This mask consist of 2 sachet. The price is 12000 IDR.I think it's can be used to five times usage.
the packaging,nice^_^ I love yellow color,it's looks bright and give me spirit *LOL

how to use:
apply this mask to your face and wait until 15 minutes. After that peel off mask from your face.
+ I feel more fresh after apply this mask
+ my face looks little bright
+ affordable price
+ easy to get this mask
+ when I peeled off mask, I'm not feel pain. It's not likes peel off black mask shisiedo
- whitening efect isn't work for reducing my spot
I will repurchase for my stock. I will use this maybe tirth times in a week.

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