black mask from shiseido

June 13, 2012

I got offer from my friend to buy this mask, so I directly say yes!!:D
This mask I got from website discount, ummm...well I forget the website name
The direction in the packages is written by japanese letter and I don't know how to read it. But when I opened and taraa I know how to use it :p*just feeling
This mask is liquid and you can directly apply in your face, but for cleaning this you can peel off from your face.
Fungtion of this mask for cleaning your pores such as black and white comedos.

I think enough work to clean my pore, I touch my nose and my nose feel smooth
- need very long time to wait this mask dry. When you don't have enough time to apply mask don't use this mask. Maybe about 45 minutes
- You get little illness when you peel off this mask, but if you often use aztec mask, you aren't feel anything :p
- the sensation isn't amazing likes aztec mask
Why do I compare with aztec mask?because they have same fungtion for cleaning the pores.
Do you repurchase this mask?No,I will purchase another pore mask :D

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  1. Iya betull... , menurut aku kamu mending pake aztec aja yang udah jelas2 ori. Kalo masker ini setahu aku palsu karena shiseido gakpernah ngeluarin blsck mask di produknya... :)


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