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May 20, 2012

Trisia is the one of Indonesian make up and skin care product . But I try for the skin care ones. When I read some review in beauty thead, some people says that it's works to make face more bright and looks healthy skin. so I went to PGC to buy this mask. I try this about one month and use for every three days,and i love so much this product. Usually, I dissapointed with Indonesia mask product because my face became more white just after apply the mask, maybe i'm not really clean when washed my face. But trisia mask not include the ones. After apply and clean this mask, my face not become white but looks more bright, and you know the effect likes when i'm using korean/mbd mask. I'm very satisfied with the mask and then searching for another product. I buy too acne line from trisia product, the name is sophora, consist of facial foam and acne gel.
Here my haul of trisia product ^_^

nice packaging i think ;)
the ingredient mask from soybean. I think this mask very nice cause benefit of soybean to keep skin tight and looks younger.
+ make my skin tight and looks healthy
+ easy to apply, because the type is tube not the powder
+ easy to buy, ready in the cosmetic store, I hate when the product must buy by pre order
+ I think the price is cheap (about Rp 27000)
- I don't like the smell
- the netto just 45g, so very fast to purchase this product again
I don't like this product,T.T
+ the price enough cheap (Rp 30000)
+ nice packaging
- It's not clean oil in my face, so after i using it, my face not feel rough.
- the foam is very less.
Maybe next month i will try soybean essence and night cream

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